Automotive Lighting Manufacturer

Automotive lighting devices are an integral part of road safety. Prospective customers will be able to find everything from signal bulbs to energy-saving headlights within our massive inventory. As a highly reputable auto lighting manufacturer with over 2 decades of OEM experience, FSL Autotech is entirely committed to providing the very best in illumination solutions. Our China-based operation brings new quality standards to components such as the halogen headlight, H4 platinum headlight, auto signal lamp, auto auxiliary lamp, LED auto lamp, HID auto lamp, and auto interior lighting. Also available are motorcycle bulbs and premium automobile parts.

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Good news to both FSL Autotech and our clients. Through constant effort invested in quality improvement, our products have successfully passed DOT certification.

DOT certification stipulates a series of rigorous guidelines and regulations related to motor vehicles, from placement to configuration.

The DOP compliant product must keep updating, for the purpose of maintaining compliance with the current laws and regulations. » more